Milzkalne Primary School

Milzkalne Primary School is located in the very centre of Milzkalne, in the territory of a beautiful well-managed park. The educational institution originates from 1855 (the first sources about school in Šlokenbeka). The building was built in 1862-1863 and it became the Fold House. The work of baron Mathias von der Recke lies at the heart of the school construction.

The municipality decided to build a new school in 1925 – at the time of the First Republic. The state allocated Ls 2,000 for this project. Unfortunately the project was left ink on paper and the school is located in the premises of the Parish House. 


School supervisor Emīlija Mērniece made a huge contribution in the school development after the war.

The school was closed in 1973. It was reopened on 1 September 1990. About 90 students currently attend the school which employs 9 teachers.

Milzkalne Primary School, Engure Municipality, Smārde Parish, Milzkalne, LV-3148

e-mail:, Tel./fax: 63182273, 26516341