Nearest neighbourhood


• Šlokenbeka Manor and Road Museum;

• Milzkalne Railway Station;

• Milzkalne Primary School;

• Milzkalne pond.


• 5 km to the skiing piste Milzkalns which offers various activities also in summer (four-wheelers, paintball, wakeboard);

• 5 km to the cross-country skiing trail Ūdri;

1 km to Šlokenbeka – the only fortified manor in Latvia;

• 6 km to Tukums and Durbes Castle;

• 15 km to Ķemeri National Park with several bike routes and natural trails, including a bike route to Kaņieris Hillfort and boardwalk across Tīreļi bog;

• 20 km to Cinevilla;

• 5 km to Tīle farm near the border with Tukums – horseback riding; 

• 3 km to Valguma Lake where you can catch fish; 

• 10 km to Apšuciems beach.